Contrasting Shadows

Video Tutorial

Contrasting Shadows Tutorial

Welcome to the Online Video Tutorial for Contrasting Shadows. Opposite is the reference image that we will be using to paint from, please feel free to print this image out if that helps you. Below is a brief description of the painting and what you can expect to learn from completing the tutorial. So please relax and enjoy this video tutorial.

Contrasting shadows

This Tutorial  takes you through a painting of contrasting values and colourful shadows. So if your timid with your darks this is the one for you! Loose style, broad washes, wet into wet, many techniques covered. You will have to work from my painting but put your own spin on it as I did. Any questions please feel free to ask in the forum.


Colours Used

Cerulean Blue
Windsor Yellow
Permanent Rose
Cobalt Blue
Raw Sienna
Cadmium Red
Burnt Umber