Video 1

Basic Colour Theory, Mixing Primary Colours

This video breaks us in slowly into the subject of colours mixing. We start with the 3 primary colours going on to mixing secondary and finally complimentary colours. Colour theory is a HUGE subject which will be covered in more detail in future videos. We then take a look at colour mixing, glazing, mixing in the pallet, granulation and wet-into-wet

Video 2

Mixing Browns

Here’s a quick video on how to mix browns from the 3 primary, Ultramarine Blue, Cadmium Red, Cadmium Yellow see what interesting browns can be mixed for landscape painting.

Video 3

Mixing Greens

Mixing greens can be problematic, not any more! A simple guide to mixing greens and how to obtain those darks.Please feel free to use any combination of Yellow, Blue and Red you have in your palette.