Welcome to beginners watercolour!

My name is Patrick Ley-Greaves and I have been painting watercolours for over thirty years. It is my aim to pass on this knowledge to others who are interested in learning all about this wonderful and sometimes unpredictable medium – Watercolour.

How the site works.

Within the site, you will find many tutorial videos that I have produced. These will guide you through the basics of watercolour painting and show you step by step how to achieve success in watercolour. There are videos on equipment and a basic set up, right through to completing more complex paintings and most importantly I share the know-how with you every step of the way – here is an example of how a tutorial video works:

How to Navigate the Site

Ok so you are all ready to get started on your watercolour adventure. To get around the site you simply use the options at the top of the screen. Please take a look through all the options to see what the site has to offer you.

More Learning

When you have completed the tutorials on this site, the fun doesn’t end there! Pop over to Purewatercolour.com where you will find a friendly forum based site, that has a growing membership of artists of all abilities. There you will find more video tutorials, a friendly chatroom, lots of art based discussion and challenges that run weekly and monthly to keep you at your painting best.

You may also be interested in my in depth courses that I teach using the Udemy.com  platform. Because these type of courses take so long to produce, I have to charge a fee for them, but once you have purchased one of my courses on Udemy.com you will have access to them for life.


Meet your Tutor

A brief introduction to who I am. Born 1961 father of two boys. I work fulltime as a carer, caring for vulnerable adults with autism and deafness.

My passion for painting/drawing started when I was a small boy it was the only thing that I was able to do with any success. During my teens painting got put to one side for other activities!! I picked up the brush again after settling to a life in the Isles of Scilly where entertainment was very limited. I was inspired to paint again by the timeless landscape and jewel like colours in front of me. In the early 1990’s I opened a small gallery/studio on St Martins Isles of Scilly. This was very successful and carried on until I left the islands in 2006. I have now settled in Worcester with my partner Lesley and I have rediscovered a passion for the beautiful countryside that surrounds me.

When ever the weather is good I like to venture out on my  bicycle and paint the beautiful countryside surrounding Worcester. This is something I will be covering more in depth within the tutorial videos on site.

I don’t portray myself to be a great watercolour painter but the pleasure that can be derived from expressing yourself through painting is immeasurable. For those with a modicum of talent, financial rewards are possible through the sale of artwork. To sum up, if your a keen painter or a beginner, bookmark this page and we can explore the world of painting together.